Our Ministries

Living the Gospel through Serving Others


Real. Relevant. Effective.

The Word of God teaches us that the effect of prayer is real. Things happen because we pray which wouldn't happen if we didn't pray. Prayer is relevant; it will never be some out of date ritual. And prayer is effective, with effects that can be instantaneous or progressive. We minister in prayer to anyone in need. 



Blessed to be a Blessing.

Christians are often accused of not doing enough to help others. The fact is, we can't always financially help everyone who has a need. But we don't excuse ourselves from the responsibility of helping others by blessing others as we are blessed. We encourage each other to practice almsgiving - giving of your time and resources to help others in need. This is a very personal matter; never a photo opp or publicity stunt.

Children's Ministry

Because Kids are People too!

When we say Children's Ministry, we mean ministry! Our Sunday School and Youth teachers are committed to teaching the Word of God in a practical, relevant way. We're committed to Children's Ministry that is more than babysitting. Children can know their God, not just know about Him. Kids still have fun, but they also learn.


ASL Interpretation

The Gospel in Sign

We want everyone to have the opportunity to receive the message of the Gospel. We provide ASL interpretation of our services for the inclusion of those for whom ASL is their preferred language. 

Spanish Translation

El Evangelio de Cristo en Español

One of the beautiful points of the Gospel is how it goes beyond all language barriers. The message of Christ is beautiful in Spanish, and we provide Spanish translation for our services.

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