Our History

Founded March 2017

Christ Fellowship Apostolic Pentecostal Church began as the burden of two families to see Lebanon, Missouri and the surrounding areas reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In March of 2017 a small group of people began meeting for Bible studies at a coffee shop. In a matter of weeks, a facility was rented at 884 West Park Manor. Growth continued over the months as souls began to experience healing and restoration.

In June 2018, Christ Fellowship moved from the seclusion of a neighborhood to a location at 735 South Jefferson Avenue - right on the busiest street in town - as God opened a door for more to see a place of refuge. As one observer put it, “God took a hidden jewel and made it a city set upon a hill for all to see.” Then, in November 2019, the Lord opened yet another door as Christ Fellowship moved to a new, larger location at 380 South Washington Avenue. 

Our mission continues to be ministering salvation and healing to whosoever will.


We are a group of people from many backgrounds and experiences. We are, in many ways, misfits. But we hope to continue as the perfect place for imperfect people to find a perfect hope in the Lord Jesus Christ.


We invite you to join us for Sunday School at 2PM, Sunday Worship at 3PM and Wednesday Prayer and Bible Study at 7PM. Transportation can be arranged if necessary, but please call well in advance to ensure a timely ride.


For more information please contact Pastor Jason M. Hood at (417)344-8919 or email us at ChristFellowshipLebanon@gmail.com.