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Our History

Founded April 18, 2017


First Bible Study - April 1, 2017


735 S. Jefferson (6/18 - 11/19)

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884 W. Park Manor (4/17 - 5/18)


380 S. Washington (12/19 - Present)

Christ Fellowship Apostolic Pentecostal Church began as the burden of two families.  The desire was to see the people of Lebanon, Missouri and the surrounding areas have a safe environment to either find Christ for the first time or return to Him. For two years while Jason and Elaine Hood evangelized, they would drive by the exit to Lebanon and say, "This town needs a church." Finally, the burden became too heavy to ignore. The Hoods left full time evangelistic work and started looking for opportunities to serve in Lebanon. 

On Saturday, April 1, 2017 a small group met for a Bible study at a local coffee shop. In a matter of only a couple of weeks, a facility was rented at 884 West Park Manor. The first service was held at that location on Tuesday, April 18, 2017. Many came. Many went. But a few stayed as they found the true presence of Christ at Christ Fellowship. 

In June 2018 and due to a seemingly terrible circumstance, Christ Fellowship moved from the seclusion of a neighborhood to a storefront location at 735 South Jefferson Avenue - right on the busiest street in town. Although the move brought loss and great discouragement, it was quickly evident that the hand of God was at work. As one observer put it, “God took a hidden jewel and made it a city set upon a hill for all to see.” It was in this location that our first souls would be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ and the church would see tremendous moves of the Spirit of God. 

Then, in November 2019, the Lord opened another door for us as Christ Fellowship moved to a new, larger location at 380 South Washington Avenue. At this location the Saints of God renewed their commitment and covenant with the Lord, purposing to seek His face and welcome His presence like never before. Soon, the gifts of the Spirit began manifesting among the people and power for service was poured out from on high. 


After almost two years, the down payment was made and, on September 30, 2021 the South Washington facility was purchased. All of this was because of God's blessing on freewill giving without a single fundraiser being held. Christ Fellowship finally had a permanent home. On April 23, 2022, we celebrated our 5th Anniversary and the dedication of our facility unto the Lord. 

Our mission continues to minister salvation and healing to whosoever will. Our aim is not to be liberal or conservative but biblical. Church growth programs are not on the agenda, but people growth is. Megachurch status is not part of the five-year plan. Christ Fellowship is
 a group of people from many backgrounds and experiences. We are, in many ways, misfits. But all have the hope of continuing as the perfect place for imperfect people to find a perfect hope in the Lord Jesus Christ and to always be a place where Your Past doesn't Define Your Future

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